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2017-01-17 00:00:00

Yuneecs New H520 Hexacopter

Yuneec International has unveiled a new six-rotor UAS called the H520, developed for the commercial and industrial markets. The H520 has been designed with a high visibility hazard orange fuselage and a six-rotor design capable of emergency flight with only five rotors.

A 360-degree, three-axis gimbal coupled with retractable landing gear provides an unobstructed view from any angle. The camera and gimbal are capable of a 20 degree up-angle for upward-looking inspections.

Three camera options include the CGO-ET dual thermal RGB camera, CGO-CI seven-element inspection-ready camera and CGO-3+. The CGO-ET is designed for law enforcement, search and rescue and solar inspection applications. The CGO-CI is designed to capture sharp, high-contrast imaging for broadcasting applications.

The H520 UAS uses Intel RealSense Technology, which enables the aircraft to intelligently navigate around objects; and the Android-based ST16 controller, which has a large integrated display and HD 720p video downlink for real-time video reception, and an HDMI uplink for distribution to external monitors.

Yuneec will launch a software developer kit platform in the second quarter of 2017, which will allow third-parties to develop value-added applications and services on the H520 platform for a variety of industries and commercial markets.


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